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Plantlife’s ADVICE on how to CREATE a MINI-MEADOW


Say no to the mow

The easiest way to create a garden wildflower meadow is to cease mowing as large a patch as possible and then watch what comes up, says Trevor Dines. Your patch should be open and sunny as meadow flowers prefer this to shade.

Strip it off

If your lawn resembles Wimbledon’s Centre Court, remove the top few inches of soil and turf in your proposed meadow area. Rake the newly exposed soil and sow with British wildflower seeds – your local Wildlife Trust may sell seed appropriat­e to your area. Late summer is the best time to do this but seed can be sown any time from now until May.

And cut!

Leave your meadow to grow until late August when you can cut it down to around 2in high. This gives wildflower­s the chance to set and shed their seed. Remove the mowings, to avoid adding nutrients to the soil. Mow again just before Christmas then leave it until next August.

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