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Dear Debora... your questions answered


Dear Debora,


Please could you let me know what you would recommend for the cleaning the grouting between ceramic tiles. Many thanks.

– Diane Scott, St Albans

Dear Diane

AKeeping tiles looking fresh and clean can be surprising­ly challengin­g. Grout is very porous and picks up stains easily. Poor ventilatio­n can encourage black marks from mould and mildew; some shampoos and body washes can turn the grout a dingy yellow. If they are looking very bad, I would be inclined to go in hard with a product such as H&G Mould Remover Spray, 500ml for about £6.50 from DIY and hardware shops, or OxiClean Stain Remover, £4.99 for 1.37kg from Once you get them looking smart again, use a gentler treatment, such as a spray bottle filled with half-and-half distilled white vinegar and warm water. Spray it on, leave it for five minutes and then scrub and rinse. You can also mix bicarbonat­e of soda into a paste with water, rub it on, leave for five minutes, then spray with the vinegar and water mixture and proceed as above. Oxo Good Grips sells a set of two brushes, Deep Clean Grout Cleaning Brushes, £8.99 from, below, specifical­ly designed for scrubbing grout. I have a friend who swears by a stain-removing toothpaste and an old electric toothbrush, but personally, next time I redecorate my bathroom I am embracing the fashion for dark grouting.

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