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When springtime needs a jumper-start


Around this time of year I pack away my chunky winter knits. But with our unreliable spring weather, a good supply of sweaters to cover you when it’s cold, but which won’t leave you roasting when it’s sunny, is vital. Instead of wool, look to cotton, linen and silk blends to avoid getting too hot under the collar. Breton stripes are always a safe bet; John Lewis & Partners have shaken it up with terracotta instead of navy stripes. I’m also fond of J Crew’s plaited linen-cotton jumper that not only feels like you’ve owned it forever but, even better, is machine washable. Like most men my age I find it hard to stray from my go-to palette of navy, camel and grey. So colourful, lightweigh­t Henleys, crew-necks and cardigans have become my way of adding personalit­y each springtime. Zara’s roomy gingerbrea­d-coloured V-neck, with contrast trim on the cuffs and waistband, is part of the brand’s commendabl­e Join Life initiative, using ecological­ly grown cotton.

My absolute weakness, however, are knitted 1950s-style polo shirts. Like

Frank Sinatra downing a Negroni while touring the Amalfi coastline, I think they bring an air of old-school charm and sophistica­tion. Next and Abercrombi­e & Fitch are offering some of the best; Next’s, in sunflower yellow, would look good unbuttoned, like a Hawaiian shirt.

Knitted T-shirts are another one of my tricks; use them to dress down a tailored look. The melange cotton knit from Mr Porter’s in-house line, Mr P, would look as good under a blazer as it would with shorts and sandals, now that barbecues are back on the agenda.

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