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With marshmallo­w and chocolate


A gooey and stickily irresistib­le sharing pudding, more of an idea to experiment with than a recipe to follow.

Serves four to six


150g marshmallo­ws (vegetarian, if need be) 200g strawberri­es, halved 8 chocolate-covered biscuits (I use Choco Leibniz) 8 plain digestive biscuits A handful of hazelnuts, roughly chopped


h This is designed to be cooked once you have finished cooking everything else on your barbecue, cooking on gently glowing embers rather than a full-on fire. h Scatter the marshmallo­ws over the base of a fireproof pan (no wooden or plastic handles). A small roasting tin or frying pan is ideal. Tuck in the strawberry halves. Snap both types of biscuit in half and tuck them in. h Finish with a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts. h Set the tin on to the barbecue slightly away from the remaining fire so that the marshmallo­ws and chocolate on the biscuits begin to melt. You can cook this for as long or short as you like. Eat it when the marshmallo­ws are still firm or cook it for longer, during which time the base will caramelise and crisp up. Do keep an eye on it though as it will burn easily if it gets too hot. h Allow to cool a little before tucking in with spoons, forks or fingers.

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