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Ravneet Gill puts a spin on the traditiona­l chocolate biscuit with a shortcake version that is perfect for teatime


Unlike traditiona­l biscuit dough, these biscuits are made using a soft dough that’s piped into swirls or batons before being baked. The key to getting a nice shape is to make sure the dough is soft enough to pipe – that’s where the addition of milk helps. If it’s a particular­ly cold day you can warm the batter very gently in short bursts in the microwave, or carefully over a bain-marie. The goal isn’t to melt the butter, but more to soften the mixture so it doesn’t burst the piping bag or break off as you pipe it. Once you’ve piped your shapes, put these biscuits in the fridge to set them back up again.

This lowers the risk of them spreading as they bake, retaining that lovely defined shape. Dipping them into chocolate is optional, by the way; you can eat them as they are. If you prefer sweeter biscuits then use milk chocolate!

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