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How gardening saved my life

Many people find the joy of horticultu­re provides an invaluable way to connect with the world. Four of them speak to Morgan Lawrence


The benefits to be gained from spending time in the garden have always been well-known to gardeners, but now the scientific community is finally weighing in on the positive effects that green space can have on our mental and physical health. In fact, recent research from Natural England, in partnershi­p with the University of Exeter and the Royal Horticultu­ral Society, found that people with access to a garden had higher psychologi­cal wellbeing than those without. And for many of us over the past year – kept at home during lockdown – this boost couldn’t be more apparent. But, for many, gardening is much more than a daily boost. For members of society who have struggled, horticultu­re can be a safe space to carve out a career and become a part of a community. Below, four inspiratio­nal gardeners share their stories of how, against all odds, gardening changed their lives for the better.

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