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Best grown in a pot


The team felt these were best grown in a container to ensure a decent crop, and needed more TLC. h

Quite a good crop, which Brown felt would suit someone if they lived on their own. Each plant gave a reasonable yield in a pot, and


was not bad in the ground, bigger in a pot but with decent-sized tubers in both situations.

Tom Brown said when you go to a supermarke­t and see a bag of sweet potatoes, they are this sort of size, whereas some of the whoppers (as with a giant pumpkin or squash) are a bit intimidati­ng for eating all in one go. h ‘Murasaki’ Hopeless in the ground, but not a bad yield in a container. The tubers are a nice colour, definitely the pinkest of the lot (reminding me of the skin colour of the striped beetroot ‘Chioggia’) and they are a nice manageable size. Quite pale flesh.

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