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Two hours in the garden

There’s a lot to do at this time of year, so if you’re pushed for time, try these tasks to keep things ticking over


Whatever size your garden, balcony or patio, this time of year can seem overwhelmi­ng as everything outside demands our attention. However, you don’t need to spend long in the garden to keep on top of things and enjoy being outside, which is the most important thing. Gardening is all about creativity and connecting with nature.

Spend a couple of hours having a go at these projects and be confident in creating a space that you can enjoy. If only a few get completed, so be it – there’s always next weekend.


Ferns are great for shady places. Some garden ferns are deciduous, meaning the leaves have browned and shrivelled over winter. At this time of year, you’ll see curled up new fronds emerging from their centres. Cut the old leaves off, and this will encourage the new growth to take over. They’ll also look so much better. You may have evergreen or semi-evergreen ferns in your garden. These require much less drastic treatment and simply need “tidying up” by removing dead or winter-damaged fronds to promote new ones.

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