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Blame lockdown. I have Zoom Neck. Not an official diagnosis to be found on any government website, Zoom Neck occurs when the head is forever pointing downwards looking at a badly placed screen FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. Wrinkled like a turkey, I read about an injectable treatment involving

Profhilo filler that helps with skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid, aka filler, gives a fullness to lips, cheeks

– you name it – but it also works wonders on Zoom Neck. I had one vial of filler injected into several parts of my neck, and although I spent a week looking like a mid-life woman who’d just discovered love bites (awkward dropping off my kids at my ex’s house), my neck now looks so much plumper. Spoiler: if you have kids, having filler administer­ed into your neck feels like being shot by a group of nine-yearold boys let loose with Nerf guns. Fairly unpleasant. How does it work? Hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring substance produced by our bodies and found in skin and joints – holds water and therefore, I’m told, “binds moisture”. Therefore, begone turkey neck. Sadly, it only lasts for around three to six months.

 ??  ?? A QUICK FIX
Saggy neck? A shot of hyaluronic acid could be the answer
A QUICK FIX Saggy neck? A shot of hyaluronic acid could be the answer

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