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This week, Ravneet Gill bakes a gorgeously soft bread that makes the most of vibrant wild garlic

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We are using a technique called tangzhong to make the dough for this cheese and pesto bread. This technique originates from Japan, and was popularise­d by Taiwanese chef Yvonne Chen, whose book, 65C Tangzhong Bread, started a trend for it in the Asian community a decade ago.

This technique has become quite popular among UK bakers, with many bakers crediting their gorgeously soft cinnamon buns to it. It involves precooking a portion of the flour in water or milk before cooking and adding it to the dough. The flour absorbs the liquid, creating a stable structure for the starch in the flour to hold on to that liquid. Because it’s wild garlic season, we are going to incorporat­e that into our bread by making a pesto, and upping the cheese flavour by melting it through our tangzhong paste at the start. It’s a fun way to make soft pillowy bread!

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