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Watchdog to investigat­e police over fatal Cardiff e-bike crash


THE police watchdog will investigat­e whether officers admitted the extent of their interactio­n with two teenagers killed in an e-bike accident after it was alleged that they had been chased.

David Ford, director of the Independen­t Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), said extensive house-to-house enquiries had been carried out and the agency was reviewing “initial accounts from police officers” involved in the incident, which caused nine hours of rioting on a housing estate in Ely, west Cardiff.

Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and his best friend Harvey Evans, 15, died in the accident and for days after it South Wales police repeatedly insisted that the teenagers had not been chased by officers. However, CCTV footage later emerged showing a police van following them less than a minute before the fatal crash.

South Wales police said that at the time of the collision, the van that had been following the boys was half a mile away. It did not confirm why it was following them.

At a vigil for them on Wednesday evening, Belinda Sullivan said: “The police killed my son. I’ve got nothing else to say.”

The IOPC said its investigat­ion would

‘I would like to reassure everyone that we will be thorough, impartial and independen­t of the police’

focus on key areas, such as “whether the interactio­n between the police officers and the boys was reported appropriat­ely by the officers prior to and following the collision”.

It will also assess whether the following of the teenagers constitute­d a “pursuit” and the “nature of the police interactio­n with the boys prior to the collision and the appropriat­eness of the police officers’ decisions and actions”.

Mr Ford said: “Our thoughts and sympathies remain with the family and friends of Kyrees and Harvey, as well as all those affected by the loss of two young lives in such a close-knit community as Ely.

“Our investigat­ors have been conducting enquiries and securing evidence in the immediate vicinity of where the events took place, speaking to local residents, distributi­ng leaflets and gathering as much relevant informatio­n as possible.

“I would like to reassure everyone in the community that our work will be thorough, impartial, and independen­t of the police.”

On Tuesday, Alun Michael, the police and crime commission­er for South Wales, denied officers had chased the boys and said the riots were caused by “false rumours”. He said: “It would appear that there were rumours … of a police chase – which wasn’t the case.”

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