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Third of house sales are detached homes

- By Alexa Phillips

ONE in three properties sold are now detached homes as families leave cities and towns for wide open spaces.

The proportion of buyers choosing detached homes has increased from 25pc to 32pc in the past decade, according to lender Halifax.

Kim Kinnaird, mortgages director at Halifax, said the popularity of detached homes “reflects a desire or need for more space”.

She said: “With many businesses continuing to embrace hybrid working, we’ve seen people take the opportunit­y to find homes that better suit their lifestyles in locations that might not have been practical with a daily commute to consider.”

Experts said high demand made this an opportune time for downsizers to sell.

Terraced homes have lost the most interest, falling from 26pc to 21pc of sales.

Semi-detached homes made up 28pc of sales in the year to the end of March, followed by terraces with 21pc, flats with 12pc and bungalows making up the rest.

Ms Kinnaird said terraces were increasing­ly seen as the “first rung on the housing ladder”. She said families choose detached homes as a “forever home”, after trading up from smaller properties.

Tom Bill, head of residentia­l research at Knight Frank, said the rise in demand meant it was a good time for those in detached homes to downsize and cash in.

Mr Bill said a surge in older homeowners retiring during the pandemic had triggered an increase in downsizing.

There are 4.21m detached homes in England and Wales, making up 16pc of homes, according figures from 2021. There are 6.93m terraced houses and 6.1m flats, accounting for 26pc and 23pc of all homes respective­ly.

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