Ju­nior choice What a four-year-old wants to know from his favourite TV pre­sen­ter

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Luke Edwards’ son, Felix – aged four – asks the big ques­tions of his tele­vi­sion hero and rally driver Catie Mun­nings, star of the Cbee­bies show Catie’s Amaz­ing Machines.

How old were you when you first drove a car?

About your age, I think, but I was on my dad’s lap just do­ing the steer­ing be­cause I couldn’t reach the ped­als.

Did you like fly­ing the jet plane?

Yes, that was one of my favourite things we did on the show. Did you watch the one with the F1 speed­boat? That one was the worst.

It looked like it was tak­ing off!

That one was re­ally bad. It has some­thing called g-force, which bounces your head from side to side.

What are your favourite amaz­ing machines?

I re­ally like planes, but I also liked the ones on the wa­ter be­cause I could get the wa­ter to spray me and cool down.

It’s more fun to get wet in a swim­ming pool.

That’s very true.

What do you like do­ing when you’re not look­ing at amaz­ing machines?

I love ski­ing, go­ing to the beach – any sports. I like be­ing out­side with my dog, too.

Do you like roller­coast­ers?

Yes, I love how fast they go and when you are spun around and up­side down.

Sofa: Catie Mun­nings and Felix Edwards

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