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anti-pol­lu­tion skin­care?

The Daily Telegraph - Telegraph Magazine - - NEWS - By Tele­graph beauty di­rec­tor Katy Young

Just when you thought you had your healthy skin rou­tine nailed (Sun flters? Check. An­tiox­i­dants for stressed skin? Check. Hyaluronic acid for parched win­ter face? Check), along comes an­other foe. This time it’s pol­lu­tion.

Yes, ac­cord­ing to the skin doc­tors, we now need to pro­tect our faces against smoke, smog, dust and fumes, not just be­cause pol­lu­tants cause greasy, thirsty, dull-look­ing skin but also be­cause, over time, they are mak­ing us look older. Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est study, if you live in a pol­luted city, you can ex­pect to look a year older by the time you are 40 (bad news for res­i­dents of Port Tal­bot, Swansea, Leeds and Lon­don, which are the cities where your skin will age fastest).

Why? It seems the chem­i­cal par­ti­cles in pol­lu­tion, most no­tably PM 2.5, seep into the skin where they cause ox­ida­tive and DNA cell dam­age. ‘Pol­lu­tants at­tack skin, gen­er­at­ing free rad­i­cals and in­fam­ma­tion,’ Dr Tom Mam­mone, ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of skin phys­i­ol­ogy at Clinique World­wide, puts it. He adds, ‘What is sur­pris­ing is that smoke and par­tic­u­late mat­ter [PM] pol­lu­tion have been found to be dam­ag­ing to skin di­rectly, the long-term ef­fects of which are wrinkles and pre­ma­ture age­ing.’

Com­ing to our aid are the usual big beauty play­ers, who have been quick off the mark in com­ing up with an en­tirely new cat­e­gory of anti-pol­lu­tion skin­care. Al­ready big in Korea – cur­rently the world leader in beauty trends – cleansers, serums and mois­turis­ers with an­tiox­i­dants, anti-in­fam­ma­to­ries, DNA re­pair, and skin-bar­rier re­pair tech­nol­ogy for pol­luted skin are now the norm.

So, short of up­ping sticks to the skin-friendly green­belt, though we are very tempted, here are the prod­ucts that might just save your skin.

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