Dome: hung rib-eye steak on the bone with fen­nel and car­rots

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Serves 8-10 as part of a feast If you like ro­tis­serie cook­ing but have no ro­tis­serie, try this lo-tech al­ter­na­tive: rig a sturdy iron or steel stand to sus­pend a piece of beef (or leg of lamb, or whole chicken) so that it hangs about 2ft from a fire. (Al­ter­na­tively, hang the meat from a high tree branch above a fire. Find a sturdy branch at least 10ft above your fire that ex­tends far enough out from the tree to pre­vent the tree be­ing harmed by the fire. Climb a lad­der and loop dou­ble lengths of heavy butcher’s twine or food-grade stain­less-steel wire over the branch with enough left over to truss the beef.)

— 3.2kg piece rib-eye beef — 6 medium-large fen­nel

bulbs with long stems — 10 medium car­rots with

their leaves — veg­etable stock

Build your fire and rake the coals out for a medium heat.

Sea­son the beef with salt and pepper. If de­sired, brown on all sides on an oiled grate over the fire. Truss the beef se­curely with butcher’s twine or wire, con­fig­ur­ing loops on the sides and ends for hang­ing. At­tach the beef se­curely so that it hangs about 2ft from the coals. The meat will be cooked in about five hours. Let it rest for 15 min­utes be­fore carv­ing.

For the veg­eta­bles, gather the fen­nel and car­rots into re­spec­tive bun­dles. Tie their stems to­gether with strong string. Hang the two bun­dles over the fire for five hours as you cook the beef. Ev­ery hour, dip the bun­dles in some veg­etable stock to keep them hy­drated. Us­ing a knife, cut off the burnt outer parts of the veg­eta­bles and dis­card them be­fore serv­ing.

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