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Unlikely pairs


Special relationsh­ips

1. Katy Perry performed numerous times for Hillary Clinton during her presidenti­al campaign last year, such as at this event in Ohio. So Hillary’s defeat is all her fault, really.

2. They’re rich, they’re egotistica­l, they should never have been allowed near Twitter, and half the planet has seen their wives naked. In some ways, Donald Trump and Kanye West were made for each other. Here they are meeting at Trump Tower in New York in December.

European alliances

3. Two households, both alike in dignity, at the fair GQ Men of the Year Awards, where we lay our scene. Politician­s, in the form of Jeremy Corbyn, and rappers, in the form of Stormzy, from ancient grudge break to new mutiny. Quite the star-cross’d lovers, indeed.

4. In July, Rihanna visited the Elysée Palace to meet French première dame (and former teacher) Brigitte Macron and speak about global education policy. It isn’t known what was said, but there is one teaching method favoured by Brigitte that should probably not be rolled out.

5. Vladimir Putin is said to have fast-tracked Gerard Depardieu’s Russian citizenshi­p applicatio­n in 2013. ‘Someone who is a bit of a rebel, who shakes things up, and is sometimes drunk. It’s a bit of this hooligan spirit which pleases Putin,’ the famously fat Frenchman said. That’s one way of putting it.

Unholy unions

6. ‘You know, in a way, this is as close to God as you’ll ever get,’ mused Bono to Archbishop Desmond Tutu when they met in Cape Town six years ago. Well, that’s probably what happened.

7. Leonardo Dicaprio met with Pope Francis to talk about climate change at the Vatican last year. Here he is showing His Holiness stills from Titanic to illustrate what can happen when ice sheets break up.

EVERYBODY loves an unlikely friendship. Consider the charm of Piglet and Pooh during all their adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood. Think of the gentle love between George and Lennie in Of Mice and

Men. And cast your mind back to when Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox made an absolute pig’s ear of presenting the Brit Awards in 1989. All cherished memories, no doubt, and to those iconic duos we added another earlier this month, when the north-south London collaborat­ion nobody has been waiting for – Croydon MC Stormzy and Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn – came together at the GQ Men of the Year Awards. Quite what the relationsh­ip will do for either chap remains to be seen, but until Theresa May goes on the lash with Skepta, it looks to be advantage Corbyn. Safe, bruv. — Guy Kelly

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