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1. Lift & Repair Eye Contour Smoothing Care, £52, Institut Esthederm (

Developed with cellular water, this gentle formula smooths, brightens and hydrates without suffocatin­g delicate under-eye skin.

2. Eye Architectu­re Cream, £45, Elequra (elequra. com).

This British-born plant-based concentrat­e uses the brand’s Rift Valley Algae Complex and tamarind-seed extract to reduce fine lines and dark circles in 28 days.

3. Hydraessen­tiel Moisturizi­ng Reviving Eye Mask, £28, Clarins (clarins.

Perfect for covering up the signs of jet lag or a hangover, this express mask refreshes in 10 minutes, or can be left on all night for an enhanced effect.

4. Instant Fix Eye Lift Gel, £48, Dr Sebagh (

A game changer, this gives an instant result on saggy eyelids and can be alternated with Sebagh’s sister product, the De-puff Eye Treatment (£52), to address all your eye concerns.

5. Lifting Eye Gel, £110, Vetia Floris (pureswiss

This extra-light gel, rich in hyaluronic acid, revives tired eyes and tightens skin.

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