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From mas­sage to vodka, the ul­ti­mate pre-wed­ding regime

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Celia Walden on look­ing your best on the big day

IT’S A CU­RI­OUS fact that women of­ten look worse on their wed­ding day than at any other time. Cu­ri­ous but 100 per cent ex­pli­ca­ble. The bride-to-be combo of nerves and a ‘money is no ob­ject be­cause this is a one-time thing’ mind­set can be nox­ious, lead­ing as it does to kamikaze beauty treat­ments and sin­gle-food-group di­ets. As a re­sult, some of the pret­ti­est women I know have ended up look­ing like semi-starved panto fairies on their big day, the stage make-up and crispy hair a des­per­ate at­tempt to cover up their limp and nu­tri­tion­ally starved cells – and the rav­ages of that fe­ro­cious gly­colic peel.

This won’t hap­pen to Meghan, of course, who has been mar­ried be­fore, has no de­sire to look like a panto fairy in front of three bil­lion peo­ple and prob­a­bly un­der­stands that when it comes to your big day, there shouldn’t so much be a ‘count­down’ (a panicin­duc­ing word if ever there was one) as a ‘beauty build-up’ that starts three months be­fore.

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