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La Ci­u­dad Blanca, Hon­duras

Six years ago a team in the Mosquitia moun­tains of east­ern Hon­duras de­tected two large set­tle­ments hid­den by jun­gle, prompt­ing sur­mise that they had found La Ci­u­dad Blanca. The leg­endary ‘White City’ of sup­posed great wealth had been sought since Euro­peans first ar­rived in the re­gion. Re­search con­tin­ues.

Chac­tún, Mex­ico

In 2013 Slove­nian ar­chae­ol­o­gist Ivan Sprajc and his team re­vealed the ex­is­tence of this Mayan city, com­plete with pyra­mids, tem­ples and ball courts, in the rain­for­est. It was aban­doned over a mil­len­nium ago. Though known to lo­cal lum­ber­jacks and gum ex­trac­tors, it had not been dis­closed more widely. Dis­cov­ered.


The cap­i­tal of the Akka­dian Em­pire of Me­sopotamia, founded by Sar­gon of Akkad, flour­ished for a lit­tle over 100 years in the late third mil­len­nium BC. Agade must have lain some­where in or near mod­ern Bagh­dad, with many be­liev­ing it is lo­cated east of the Ti­gris, but its re­mains have not yet been found. Undis­cov­ered.

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