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Do-every­thing creams and old-school shav­ing

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The beauty in­dus­try is hav­ing a quiet word with it­self. ‘Psst... I think it’s time to make fewer prod­ucts.’

Surely not? I hear you say. Yes, it’s true: less is the new more. Lay­er­ing (ap­ply­ing mul­ti­ple skin oint­ments – serums, essences, creams – in a spe­cific or­der) is clog­ging up our bath­room cab­i­nets, dam­ag­ing the en­vi­ron­ment and stretch­ing our pock­ets.

You could just ditch all the ac­cou­trements and make do with a bog-stan­dard moisturise­r, but then your skin might go south, and I for one could think of a hand­ful of other sac­ri­fices I’d rather make (fewer flat whites, per­haps). You see, many of the most ef­fec­tive ac­tive in­gre­di­ents must be dif­fer­ent vis­cosi­ties to get to where they need to go; creams sit on the sur­face, essences and serums pen­e­trate slightly deeper, and so on.

How­ever, Venn’s Age-re­vers­ing All-in-one Con­cen­trate brazenly claims to do the job of a mul­ti­step ritual in one. Erm, how? With 19 pep­tides and an­tiox­i­dants, that’s how. Venn’s co­founder Brian Oh tells me, ‘The key is its patented mul­ti­layer de­liv­ery sys­tem, which en­ables the ac­tive in­gre­di­ents to pen­e­trate past the skin’s sur­face.’

I’m in­clined to be­lieve him, as there are clinical tri­als be­hind the cream that prove skin stays hy­drated for up to 24 hours and pig­men­ta­tion, fine lines and wrin­kles are re­duced. You can feel it hydrating the minute you put it on – and I swear my face is sit­ting a lit­tle higher on my cheek­bones. Venn isn’t the only brand tak­ing on lay­er­ing – but it’s cer­tainly one of the most rig­or­ously tested. Here are five more that make the grade…

ONE-STEP WON­DER Age-re­vers­ing Allin-one Con­cen­trate, £155, Venn (

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