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This kitchen, by in­te­rior de­signer Staffan Toll­gård and join­ery com­pany Eg­gers­mann, is linked up to a home-au­to­ma­tion sys­tem that can change the mood from day­time fam­ily kitchen to glam­orous evening din­ing room at the push of a but­ton – the lights dim, and pan­els slide down to cover the shelves and TV. There’s also a pop-up ex­trac­tor con­cealed in the worktop. toll­ eg­gers­man­nde­


This low-pro­file wire­less speaker, which comes in black or white, can sit on a shelf along­side the recipe books – or, mount it hor­i­zon­tally on the wall us­ing the wall bracket (£10), and it be­comes a handy shelf it­self. Sym­fonisk Wi-fi Speaker, £99, Sonos & Ikea (


The lat­est smart ovens are Wi-fi con­nected, which means you can con­trol them re­motely and some can be voice-con­trolled via a vir­tual as­sis­tant (so you can ask Alexa to turn the oven on if you’re in the mid­dle of chop­ping veg­eta­bles). IQ700 Built-in Oven, from £1,429, Siemens (


It’s pricey, but this smart fridge has in­ter­nal cam­eras that link to your phone so you can see what’s in­side when you’re out, plus there’s an ex­piry-date tracker. A built-in screen on the front al­lows you to make a list and or­der shop­ping, view your fam­ily cal­en­dar or watch TV, and it will even link up to your smart door­bell (if you have one) so you can see who’s at the door. Fam­ily Hub Fridge Freezer, from £2,799, Sam­sung (sam­ This ma­chine is fit­ted with sen­sors that al­low it to weigh each load and ad­just the cy­cle set­tings to save as much en­ergy and wa­ter as pos­si­ble. It also hooks up with an app so you can start a wash from your phone. Supre­me­care FSCR12441 Wash­ing Ma­chine, £649, Whirlpool ( The Nutribul­let Bal­ance is billed as the world’s first smart nutri­tion sys­tem: it ac­cu­rately weighs each in­gre­di­ent as you add it and, via its app, will tell you the nu­tri­tional value and calo­rie count of your smoothie. Nutribul­let Bal­ance, £149.99, Nutribul­let (ar­

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