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The American singer-songwriter, 59, on playing basketball with her son and being a ‘glorified taxi driver and lifeguard’


Musician Sheryl Crow on playing Monopoly and hanging out with her sons

6.30am I’m woken up by my crazy dogs – a part-pyrenees mutt, a Bernese mountain dog and a French bulldog. I live with my sons, Levi,

11, and Wyatt, 14, on a 50-acre farm in Nashville, Tennessee.

I put on pyjamas, a bathrobe my dad gave me for Christmas and a pair of LL Bean slippers. I don’t wear make-up – my kids don’t like it and I’ve never liked wearing it. 7am I make a coffee with my Keurig [coffee maker] and add almond milk. I spend 20 minutes meditating, then read on the back porch. I’m writing a musical about a very famous person – I can’t say who – so I’m doing a lot of research. 8am Levi stumbles downstairs. He likes lunch food for breakfast, so frozen taquitos or a peanut butter and nutella sandwich. I might have Greek yogurt and granola and try to Facetime my parents, who live in my home town of Kennett, Missouri. 10am I’ll make Wyatt some bacon and eggs. He’s responsibl­e for the chicken coop, so gets eggs for us – we have horses, a couple of cows, 13 hens and a rooster. We spent lockdown here. My kids have never had a summer when they weren’t on a tour bus, so it was idyllic. 11am We belong to a club where Levi loves to go swim with a buddy, so I’m a glorified taxi driver and lifeguard. 2pm We eat out most Saturdays and have been known to drive through the fast-food restaurant Chickfil-a, because my boys love it. 4pm I’m in the yard with Levi playing basketball. Wyatt loves nature, so he’ll go fishing in the creek. I like to jog. I don’t listen to music: I love the sound of the breeze and the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement. 6pm I cook dinner. We try to eat pretty healthily, so the other day I marinated chicken in salad dressing, then grilled it. I boiled some corn, steamed some broccoli. 8pm We usually hang out in the backyard, though we might watch TV. We recently saw The Boss Baby, which was laugh-out-loud cute. 9pm We’ve got in the habit of playing Monopoly. The fact the boys want to play a game at night with their mom… I’m all about it.10.30pm I get the boys in bed, lights out. That’s when I get to read a book, although I get through about 10 pages before passing out. Sheryl Crow’s Live from the Ryman and More is released on Friday via The Valory Music Co. You can pre-order it now

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