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The Haart family


Batsheva, 28

Batsheva was 19 and newly wed when her mother left the community. She’s now a 28-year-old influencer. Her posts give an insight into her glamorous New York lifestyle and her relationsh­ip with husband Binyamin ‘Ben’ Weinstein, who stars on the Netflix show. Batsheva is Modern Orthodox and maintains many religious traditions.

Shlomo, 25

Despite receiving a poor education in Monsey, Shlomo, Haart’s oldest son, is now a Columbia University graduate. He had his first kiss while filming My Unorthodox Life, and his dating life is a plotline on the show. Shlomo continues to keep Shabbat.

Miriam, 21

Miriam is bisexual, and currently studying computer science at Stanford University. While still part of the religious community, Miriam learnt to code on Youtube, and is now an app developer and co-founder of shopping platform Eazitt.

Aron, 15

The youngest of Haart’s children, Aron is a high-school student and splits his time between his mother in Manhattan and his father, Yosef Hendler, in Monsey. He remains more religious than his siblings.

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