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Why stop at 25 great train trips?


Our selection of unmissable rail journeys last week certainly got you thinking – as did our piece on Peru

compartmen­t, full breakfast and a three-course lunch, with compliment­ary coffee and tea throughout the journey. A cash bar is available and a good choice of wine is on offer.

The journey is supposed to take about 24 hours, but in November ours took 27. The scenery can be a little repetitive but after a very long tunnel approachin­g Worcester it suddenly changes to fields of vines as far as the eye can see and stays like that until the outskirts of Cape Town.

A very comfortabl­e and enjoyable journey. ROGER AND CLAIRE TAYLOR

Glacier Express

I was surprised that Michael Williams did not select the Glacier Express in his 25 great train journeys. It is certainly capable of “oldworld charm, refined dining, epic views and also offers a fresh perspectiv­e on the art of slow travel” taking around seven-and-a-half hours to travel the 180 miles from Zermatt to St Moritz. TREVOR HUNTER

Vietnam revisited

To undertake the Hanoi to Saigon trip in one go on the Reunificat­ion Express would be to miss out on some superb stopovers, all of which give an insight into the fascinatin­g country of Vietnam.

Hué, once the capital and some 10 hours from Hanoi, has the magnificen­t Imperial City with its citadel surrounded by a moat and thick stone walls, where you can admire temples and palaces, gateways and gardens. Just outside Hué, up in the hills, lie the various tombs of the emperors, that of Khai Dinh being the most elaborate.

Then further down the line there is the pretty town of Hoi An with its pastel painted buildings, riot of flowers, amazing open-air market and highly efficient tailors.

A weekend evening in nearby Danang means you can enjoy the sight of the Dragon Bridge lit up and spouting plumes of water on to the excited crowd below.

Finally, halfway between Danang and Saigon lies Nha Trang with its many churches, temples and pagodas, and a superb long stretch of sandy beach.

Breaking the journey like this not only enables you to see more of the country but you meet many more local travellers, and you get a respite from the snacks on the trains. After all, there is a limit to how many boiled eggs anyone can eat! PHILIPPA LEVEY

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