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These shoes have become a firm favourite of mine and I use them for almost any activity. I’ve used them for everything from walking around town to high-altitude trail running in the Alps over the summer, which is indicative of just how versatile they are. And after a quick cycle through my washing machine they were as good as new. They are incredibly light, extremely flexible and provided great grip and sure-footedness, even when I was running through boulder beds. They’re officially listed as fell-running shoes and performed superbly in the wet and wild terrain of Dartmoor where I generally train. If you are looking for a pair of stylish, off-road running shoes, you can’t really do better than these. The verdict (out of five stars) Robustness 5 Water resistance 4 Comfort 5 Grip/sure-footedness 5 Overall 5

Simply brilliant and performed superbly well in nearly every type of environmen­t. benefit of being ideal for bouldering and climbing. I have used them for indoor wall climbing as well as outdoors when scrambling up scree slopes and across tough via ferrata hiking and climbing routes in the Alps. For these activities they are superb. They are light and very robust but also quite stiff, which makes them good over rocky terrain. The narrowed front is another advantage when climbing, although it can become slightly uncomforta­ble over longer distances.

Salomon S-Lab Speed

 ??  ?? Best foot forward: selecting the right walking shoe is vital
Best foot forward: selecting the right walking shoe is vital
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