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Balearic bliss – it works for us


This week: holiday perfection in the Med, a lasting friendship made in Greece, luxurious yurts in the Canaries

miles of golden, childfrien­dly beach, with gently sloping sand into the sea.

Give it a try: the weather from April to October is just great and, after all, that is one of the main reasons we seek the sun in places such as Majorca in the first place. JAYNE AND PAUL LIDSTER

Loving Lefkada

I read Timothy Watson’s article on Lefkada with great interest. I went in 1980 when the island was virtually unknown.

We flew to Corfu and then sailed to Nidri to a taverna on the beach. There were about 12 of us and each day we travelled to either a deserted beach where our boatman built a barbecue and we had lunch in between swims in the sparkling blue sea. Other days we might sail to a taverna for lunch.

In the evening we dined at a table on the beach with our feet practicall­y in the sea. It was great and the 12 of us remained friends for years. JOYCE JOHNSON

Lanzarote glampers

Your cover article “How to be a happy glamper” (May 21) reminded me that it was thanks to an article in The Daily Telegraph travel section some years ago that we found a haven of peace – a small compound of traditiona­l Mongolian yurts, set within a wholly

Mozambique memories

I was interested to read Haneefah Ismaeel’s tale about a holiday in Mozambique (Just Back, May 21). The reference to Xai-Xai immediatel­y took my attention as I can’t remember seeing the name mentioned in any travel articles before.

In the early Sixties I

sustainabl­e environmen­t on Lanzarote.

Inside, the yurts are luxuriousl­y lined with colourful, silken materials, tastefully furnished and comfortabl­e, with a typical temperate interior that cools or warms according to seasonal needs. The well-designed outdoor kitchen and bathroom are perfectly equipped. During was working for a travel agent in Zambia and a tour had been arranged to visit what was then Portuguese East Africa. We stayed at the hotel Polana in Lourenco Marques and were driven to this wonderful new resort at Xai-Xai.

We crossed the Limpopo river by some ancient hand-held pulley system attached to a ferry

the day you may collect free-range eggs at no extra cost from the compound’s own chickens, shop in their honesty shop, swim in the on-site pool or laze on your sun lounger.

Children can ride the donkey or play in the playground. Just outside the compound, the glistening sea invites you for a swim. At night you boat, which may still be there. I remember the resort on the beach was very beautiful.

On the way back to catch the plane from Salisbury my friend’s Mini was waterlogge­d from a sudden heavy rain storm and I nearly missed the flight back to Ndola. Happy memories indeed! PATRICIA MCLERNON WINS A £250 RAILBOOKER­S VOUCHER

may sit in your little private area and read or play games by candleligh­t or solar-powered lighting – all energy being generated by renewable means.

All this, combined with a beautiful, interestin­g island, and most welcoming hosts, makes for an unforgetta­ble stay. We have been twice. Bliss. CHRISTIANE HUTCHINS

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