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I am be­ing hounded by Scot­tish Power to pay an un­ex­plained out­stand­ing en­ergy bill of £800. While I was un­der­tak­ing one year’s den­tal vo­ca­tional train­ing in Scot­land in 2014, I rented a one-bed flat.

I was a sin­gle 25-yearold den­tal grad­u­ate work­ing full-time and go­ing home to my par­ents in London most week­ends with my laun­dry. I mostly ate take­aways. En­ergy con­sump­tion in the flat was there­fore min­i­mal.

When I left Scot­land I paid Scot­tish Power as billed and as­sumed noth­ing more was ow­ing.

How­ever, many months later, to my sur­prise, I was told I owed £800.

My re­tired par­ents, who live in an old four-bed­room de­tached house, con­sume much less elec­tric­ity than I am sup­posed to have done. IM­RAN KAS­SAM, SOUTH WALES

You com­plained many times on the phone, of­ten be­ing put through to sev­eral peo­ple dur­ing the same call. At one point in 2015 you were told that Scot­tish Power had closed the ac­count with no out­stand­ing bal­ance.

How­ever, a few months later in 2016 it sent another mes­sage ask­ing for £800.

Again, you were told that Scot­tish Power was clos­ing the ac­count and you owed noth­ing.

Then, in late 2017, Scot­tish Power wrote again re­quest­ing £800.99.

Scot­tish Power said that, although you pro­vided ac­cu­rate meter read­ings, the ac­count was not billed cor­rectly.

You should have been billed for 411 days’ ser­vice charges, 3,310 day units, 1,888 night units and nine con­trol/heat­ing units to­talling £781.79 in­clu­sive of VAT.

It said it re­ceived £663.58 when there should have been a fi­nal bal­ance of £118.21 still owed.

This is a ter­ri­ble mud­dle of Scot­tish Power’s do­ing and demon­strates a fla­grant fail­ure to lis­ten.

It has now writ­ten off the re­main­ing bal­ance and sent you £100 for good­will. This has not af­fected your credit rat­ing. set­tled and that a cheque for the full amount of my money would be with me soon. I am afraid this hasn’t hap­pened. JS, CO DURHAM

Fur­ther to my ear­lier in­volve­ment Alliance Trust Sav­ings, from which the Isa was mov­ing away, had as­sured me that it had ac­tioned your in­struc­tions, re­funded three months’ Isa charges and paid £150 as a ges­ture of good­will.

I had duly re­layed this in­for­ma­tion to you.

How­ever, it then tran­spired that due, Alliance Trust Sav­ings said, to an in­ter­nal er­ror, the cheque to the new provider had been au­tho­rised but not sent.

At last this was done, and Alliance Trust Sav­ings in­creased your good­will ges­ture to £400.

This, you say, co­in­ci­den­tally cov­ers so­lic­i­tor’s ex­penses you in­curred as you felt a crime was be­ing com­mit­ted and wanted it taken up legally.

I had warned you this tack would get you nowhere, and I was right.

Alliance Trust Sav­ings said it had tried tele­phon­ing you on a num­ber of oc­ca­sions. You fiercely re­but­ted this.

When I pushed for more de­tail, Alliance Trust Sav­ings could only come up with a record of one phone call.

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