Why is Voda­fone rais­ing my bills?

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A cou­ple of years ago my com­puter was hacked and my Voda­fone ac­count com­pro­mised. For­tu­nately, the fraud was nipped in the bud. As a re­sult I opted for monthly pa­per billing so I could see the monthly charges on my three phones at a glance rather than dig­ging through bank state­ments. Time and again Voda­fone has billed me in­cor­rectly, al­ways by too much.

My lat­est bill showed a sig­nif­i­cant in­crease over the pre­vi­ous month’s. I rang Voda­fone, which said my an­nual con­tracts had run their course and, by de­fault, I had been put on to nondis­counted ones. JF, LEICS

Three con­tracts were then pro­posed with unlimited min­utes, texts and 8GB data at £12.60 a month each. You had a text con­firm­ing this ar­range­ment. A few days later you re­ceived three emails with dif­fer­ent con­tract prices. These new prices were 30pc more than those that had been agreed.

You called Voda­fone sev­eral times and were an­swered first by some­one in a Cairo call cen­tre, then some­one in Rother­ham, then some­one else in Egypt and fi­nally some­one in Belfast.

The up­shot was that Voda­fone was not go­ing to hon­our the new con­tracts it had of­fered you.

Fur­ther to my in­volve­ment, Voda­fone now im­ple­mented the orig­i­nal deals af­ter all and added £30 by way of apol­ogy.

Mean­while, you had paid Voda­fone £10 in respect of a “sub­ject ac­cess re­quest” to get a tran­script of the first call. With the is­sue re­solved your re­quest was now can­celled. The £10 was re­funded to your bill as well as the sur­plus you had paid be­fore Voda­fone agreed to hon­our the con­tracts.

Af­ter that, pa­per bills for which you were pay­ing £1.54 a month stopped com­ing. This, I was told, was be­cause the bills were in credit ( be­cause of the pay­ments men­tioned above) and noth­ing was be­ing deb­ited.

My feel­ing is that you were pay­ing for them and there­fore should have them re­gard­less of the fact that you owed noth­ing.

They were now duly sent and a £5 good­will pay­ment was promised.

When the bills ar­rived, two phones were shown at one price with the other out of kil­ter. Voda­fone as­cribes this to it not be­ing able to ap­ply a 30pc dis­count to what you were be­ing charged, only 20pc.

To re­dress this, the 10pc short­fall had been cred­ited to you as a sep­a­rate, one-off pay­ment in respect of two phones.

De­spite the 30pc dis­count be­ing ap­par­ently im­pos­si­ble to ap­ply, some­one some­how had man­aged to input this in respect of the third phone and this was re­flected in the pay­ments for it. No won­der you are con­fused.

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