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I am writ­ing in the hope that you will be able to re­solve a dis­pute I have with Bri­tish Gas con­cern­ing pay­ment for a Home­Care pol­icy. It says I owe money, but I have paid in full.

I think the prob­lem may be that two years ago I had two Home­Care plans, which Bri­tish Gas may now have mixed up. I have had sev­eral phone con­ver­sa­tions with the firm but it is like talk­ing to a brick wall most of the time.

Please can you in­ter­cede? MJ, SOUTH YORKS

Orig­i­nally, you just had cover for the cen­tral heat­ing. Later you had taken out a pol­icy for plumb­ing and drains as well, but had dis­con­tin­ued it af­ter a year.

In­stead of the plumb­ing and drainage cover be­ing sim­ply re­moved, the ac­count was split in two. Then the pay­ment for the cen­tral heat­ing cover was not al­lo­cated cor­rectly. It was di­verted into the plumb­ing ac­count that shouldn’t have been there.

This meant the sys­tems showed you had not paid for the yearly cen­tral heat­ing pol­icy, caus­ing it to lapse. Luck­ily you had no rea­son for a call-out at this stage.

De­spite, as Bri­tish Gas read­ily ac­knowl­edges, your con­tact­ing it on nu­mer­ous oc­ca­sions, the prob­lem re­mained un­re­solved. A cou­ple of times it seemed to have been sorted out but then the is­sues started all over again.

I spoke to Bri­tish Gas and it said: “We are sorry for the on­go­ing dif­fi­culty that Mr and Mrs J ex­pe­ri­enced when they re­newed their Home­Care. An ad­min er­ror oc­curred when they changed their pol­icy, which meant their pay­ments weren’t cor­rectly as­signed to their ac­count. We have now rec­ti­fied the er­ror.”

Bri­tish Gas has now re­funded £258.84 for pre­mi­ums you had paid and of­fered £100 for good­will, which you have ac­cepted.

Your heat­ing agree­ment has been re­in­stated and you have just re­newed it.


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