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‘Moving to Spain is now nothing but a pipe dream’

- Kathy Randle

Dreams of retiring to Marbella on the south coast of Spain have been dashed for Kathy Randle, 59, from Redditch.

Ms Randle said the added complicati­ons created by Brexit have made her feel “uneasy”.

“I love the warmer climate and it would have been the perfect way to live out the end of our days,” she said.

“You talk to people who have done it in the past and hear about their lifestyle, and you want the same. But now Brexit has made that so much harder.”

She added that the uncertaint­ies of how the rules might change for Britons abroad over the coming years have created a “fear of the unknown”.

“There is a niggling uncertaint­y and moving to Spain has become a pipe dream now – especially because my husband was not completely sold on the idea in the first place,” she said.

Ms Randle works part time but said she was ready to retire this June. But with no plans to move imminently, she said she may as well keep on working.

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