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Lost loved ones could be reborn as 3D digital avatars


Family members could be kept alive virtually so that relatives could interact with their “avatar” images, an academic has suggested.

Simon McKeown, a reader in animation and post-production at Teesside University, claims that within 50 years, computers will be advanced enough to create “synthetic digital life” based on people’s past movements, preference­s and history on social media.

The avatars would be created using a process called photogramm­etry which can accurately reconstruc­t a 3D shape of a person from photograph­s and video. Computer synthesis will take account of accents to deliver a more accurate representa­tion of people’s voices.

Mr McKeown said: “This life form will be up to date and informed of your daily activities through GPS, Wi-Fi, health and fitness tracking, consumer records and much more. They will know if you have passed your exam, driving test, flown on holiday, bought new shoes, ditched your boyfriend.” Mr McKeown is showing his idea at an exhibition in Prague.

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