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Critically injured 75-year-old man dies in hospital after life support is withdrawn

- Sophie Jamieson

A fourth innocent victim lost their life as a result of the terrorist attack as a 75-year-old died in hospital last night.

The man, whose nationalit­y is not known, had been receiving treatment at King’s College Hospital, which received eight patients in the aftermath of the atrocity on Wednesday.

However, the decision was made last night to withdraw his life support.

Scotland Yard said his family had been informed and were receiving support from specially trained officers.

He was one of up to 40 people injured in the attack, from a range of countries. Among their number were Britons, French children, Romanians, South Koreans, Greeks, and people from Germany, Poland, Ireland, China, Italy and the United States.

Three police officers were also hurt, two of them seriously.

One of those who suffered serious injuries was a woman who was pulled from the Thames.

King’s College Hospital in Camberwell, south London was one of a number of hospitals which received patients as the emergency developed on Wednesday.

Many were taken to St Thomas’s Hospital, which is located just beside Westminste­r Bridge, opposite the Houses of Parliament.

The Prime Minister yesterday visited victims at the Chelsea and Westminste­r Hospital, where she also spoke to medical staff to thank them for their work.

In a statement shortly after 9pm last night, the Metropolit­an Police said: “Detectives investigat­ing the terrorist attack in Westminste­r on Wednesday, 22 March can confirm that a 75-year-old man died.”

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