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Woman stabbed in arm during fight over ownership of terrier puppy


An argument over a dog ended with the pet’s new owner being stabbed in the arm, a court was told yesterday.

Luke Thurston, 22, found himself in hot water when he sold his girlfriend Rosie Mae’s puppy without her permission. Mr Thurston attempted to get the Staffordsh­ire terrier, named Bella, back 24 hours after the sale – only to get into a struggle with the new owners at their home in Hull.

Katrell Lovick was cut on the arm and accused Mr Thurston of stabbing her. But Mr Thurston insisted the wound was inflicted by her boyfriend, Craig Turner.

Ms Lovick, who already knew Mr Thurston and Ms Mae, told Hull Crown Court that the couple had fallen out on November 26 and Mr Thurston sold her the dog for £50.

She said that Ms Mae had then contacted her, offering £100 for the dog’s return, but she had refused. The next day Mr Thurston appeared at her home and said he was taking the dog, which prompted the struggle.

She said she had seen a knife, but “everything was a blur” and she could not recall how she was stabbed.

Mr Thurston, of Hull, denies causing grievous bodily harm.

The trial continues.

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