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Nail-biting and entertaini­ngly trashy tale of peril in space

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The first touch in Daniel Espinosa’s Earth-orbiting suspense flick may remind you of Ridley Scott’s Alien. It’s also far from the last.

The Internatio­nal Space Station comprising Life’s entire setting is manned by six humans. In time, there’s a stowaway – it starts as a single-celled organism, collected from the surface of Mars, which twitches, and causes everyone great scientific excitement. An hour of screen-time later, it’s causing them to fly in terror down the ship’s zerogravit­y corridors, mainly to avoid having their innards crunched.

Conceit-wise, Life feels like a B-movie on an A-budget and has a pleasingly motley multinatio­nal cast, with a greatly concerned Jake Gyllenhaal, as the ISS’s in-house medic, up at the starry end. Guessing the order of their despatch is half the game; but it’s the methods that really get the pulse racing.

Taken on its entertaini­ngly trashy terms, Espinosa’s film does most of the things you want from it quite well.

Its baseline job is get you chewing your nails off - and that, it certainly achieves.

 ??  ?? Trouble in store from Mars: Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson)
Trouble in store from Mars: Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson)

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