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Killer became radicalise­d in Norfolk jail


ADRIAN AJAO is thought to have converted to Islam and been radicalise­d in Wayland prison in Norfolk.

He was sentenced to two years in 2000 after slashing a pub landlord across the face following a row in the village of Northiam in East Sussex.

Before going into prison he had been a heavy drinker and regular drug taker, but by the time he came out in 2002 had become a devout Muslim, wearing traditiona­l dress and growing a beard.

Wayland, which is a category C prison, in the village of Griston, houses around 1,000 inmates and is not known to have a particular problem with radicalisa­tion. However the former Wigan Athletic footballer Marlon King reportedly converted to Islam while completing a sentence there.

The Government has long been aware of radicalisa­tion in prisons and programmes aimed at tackling the is- sue do operate in places such as the maximum security Belmarsh jail. But experts believe it is also a problem in smaller category C institutio­ns.

Harry Fletcher, director of Voice4Vict­ims, said: “It is very common for vulnerable inmates to be targeted.

“Those suffering from mental health problems and those with drink and drug problems will be approached by those who offer them protection and they will perhaps encourage them to foster a grievance against the decadent West.”

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