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Mr Juncker’s billions


SIR – I have a great deal of respect for Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission.

However the divorce bill of £50 billion mooted by Mr Juncker (Comment, March 22) would be better spent on building up Britain’s Armed Forces for a more active role in Europe’s collective security.

A favourable Brexit divorce for Britain in return for higher UK defence spending and more substantia­l deployment­s of troops in continenta­l Europe is the common settlement in which both sides win. John Barstow Pulborough, West Sussex SIR – If a contributi­ng nation leaving the EU is asked to make a £50 billion contributi­on, would a net-recipient nation leaving the EU be offered a generous golden parachute? M A Burton Cheltenham, Gloucester­shire SIR – One of the questions raised in BBC1’s Question Time on Thursday concerned how Wales would manage after Brexit when the money given to it by the EU is no longer available.

No one on the panel or in the audience pointed out that the EU does not create any wealth of its own and the money it “gives” to Wales is simply a small part of the money that we in Britain pay to the EU every year as our annual membership fee.

After Brexit, this money will remain with the Government to spend as it chooses. I am confident that it will then be shared among the current beneficiar­ies, and possibly others, in a much fairer manner than at present. Lionel Steele Coventry, Warwickshi­re

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