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Changeling birthday


For the EU’s 60th birthday, Theresa May decided to send “very best wishes”. At the same time, she was preparing a letter to send to that nice Donald Tusk declaring the United Kingdom to be leaving the EU. It is still uncertain whether they were put in the wrong envelopes, like winners at an Oscar ceremony. If so, we’re out four days early. No matter. Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission’s convivial president, attempted to clarify the absence of Mrs May from the guest-list for today’s birthday party, insisting: “She is not an elephant” – whether in the room, or, perhaps, pink. He might be confused by talk of Mr Tusk. In any case, the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957 was not really the birth of the EU but of a baby we called the Common Market. That was long ago thrown out with the murky EU bathwater.

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