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Anonymity and rape


SIR – Rape is a heinous crime of violence and must always be regarded as such. Alison Saunders (Letters, March 22), the Director of Public Prosecutio­ns, is, of course, correct in her assertion of the current law and both the burden and standard of proof.

My worry is the issue of anonymity for the complainan­t even when the accused is acquitted, given that the accused’s identity is openly publicised. Surely we must have a level playing field in all aspects of our law. I would therefore advocate anonymity for both the complainan­t and the accused up to the decision of guilt or innocence, at which point the identity of the “losing party” could and should be made public and the anonymity of the other party should be maintained. Professor John Pollard Visiting Professor of Law University of Bolton Congleton, Cheshire

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