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Doctors failing on women’s health, MPs find

- By Sarah Knapton SCIENCE EDITOR

NEARLY half of women need to visit their GP 10 times before being diagnosed with common gynaecolog­ical complaints, with doctors often telling patients their symptoms are “all in their head”, MPs have found.

A report by the All-Party Parliament­ary Group on Women’s Health (WHAPPG) says that doctors are failing to treat women with dignity or respect when it comes to female health issues.

Some women reported feeling they were “going mad” after being continuall­y told by their GPs that there was “nothing wrong”, despite years of painful symptoms.

Around two million women in Britain (one in 10) suffer from the condition endometrio­sis, in which womb tissue grows outside the uterus, leading to painful bleeding, stomach aches and potential infertilit­y.

Yet a survey of 2,600 women found that 40 per cent had to visit their GP 10 or more times before they were referred to a gynaecolog­ist, while one in three had to seek a second opinion.

More than two thirds of women got so little informatio­n from their doctor they had to look for help online, while around one in eight suffering endometrio­sis or fibroids had to wait between one and two years for a diagnosis.

The WHAPPG is recommendi­ng that GPs are trained in recognisin­g endometrio­sis, and say surgeries should offer women written informatio­n about gynaecolog­ical issues which spell out conditions and treatments.

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