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How adventurou­s under-fives like pak choi and quinoa

- By Sophie Jamieson

QUINOA has become the baby food of choice for many families as the proteinric­h grain is an unexpected hit with the under-fives.

A survey found that nearly one in 10 pre-schoolers has tried quinoa, which is often used as a superior alternativ­e to couscous or rice. Youngsters are also tucking into other adventurou­s choices, including olives and hummus.

Many have their first taste of curry, aubergine and even pak choi before their fifth birthday. And one in 20 under-fives has eaten mussels.

Over half of parents of young children said their sons and daughters had a more varied diet than they do.

The research was conducted by food manufactur­er Kiddylicio­us. They surveyed 2,000 parents, 1,000 who have an under -five and 1,000 who have children aged 20 and over.

Nutritioni­st Charlotte Stirling-Reed said: “Youngsters are eating far more exotic and adventurou­s foods from an early age. Olives, quinoa and couscous weren’t readily available in previous generation­s but are now staple items in a lot of households.”

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