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Health and safe tea


SIR – When I make tea, I always put the milk in first (Letters, March 24).

Many years ago, before widespread pasteurisa­tion, I was told that the hot tea killed any bacteria.

Was it true? Who knows. It made sense to me.

Helen Boxall

Dursley, Gloucester­shire

SIR – When I was a headmaster, I would occasional­ly invite the priest in charge of a nearby Catholic school round for a cup of tea.

We discussed profound questions such as, on one occasion: “Milk before or after?” He said before, and I after, on the grounds that one can judge the quantity by the strength of the tea.

After a moment’s thought, he replied (in his Irish brogue): “Ah, Nigel, remember: you are a man of science. I am a man of faith.”

Nigel Peacock

Llanbedr-y-Cennin, Caernarfon­shire

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