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Fairness in rape trials


SIR – Professor John Pollard (Letters, March 25) is only half-right. In rape cases, the identity of the accused should indeed be protected unless and until found guilty; but to publish the name of the “losing party” would deter complainan­ts from making entirely justified allegation­s, as we all know that some cases will fail due to lack of evidence or other causes.

Prosecutio­ns for rape face the often intractabl­e problem of conflictin­g or absent evidence for the obvious reason that usually only two people know precisely what happened, and often they are either not sure or are not being entirely truthful. Independen­t evidence is rarely available.

There is no easy solution, but fairness requires that the accused, like the complainan­t, should remain anonymous until found guilty. Bryan Clark Ludlow, Shropshire

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