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How did they do?


Damien Hirst: the most famous YBA, whose work includes a variety of dead animals in formaldehy­de (right), his spot paintings (now made by a team), spin paintings and a diamondenc­rusted skull put on sale for £50m. In 2008, he sold his own collection at auction for £111m, and this year has a new exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

Tracey Emin: the other notorious YBA, whose highly personal work led to accusation­s of “shock tactics” by art critics. Her most famous works include the tent

entitled Everyone I Have Ever Slept With

1963–1995 and the work known as her “unmade bed” which sold for £2.2m. A Turner Prize nominee, she is still prolific and made headlines last year after announcing she had married a rock.

Rachel Whiteread: Among her most renowned works are the Holocaust Monument in Vienna and her resin sculpture for the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. Her record price at auction has been reported at $887,305. Michael Landy: Most famous for Break Down (2001), in which he catalogued then destroyed all of his possession­s.

Sarah Lucas: Once called the “wildest of the YBAs” and “at times genuinely shocking”, her often sexualised work was based on visual puns and everyday objects.

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