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Feminist group faces police inquiry over penis stickers

- By Joel Adams

FEMINIST activists are facing a police investigat­ion for posting stickers that say “Women don’t have penises”.

Pink stickers in the shape of crudelydra­wn penises have appeared in prominent public places in Liverpool and London.

Earlier this month some were photograph­ed outside the offices of LGBT charity Stonewall in London, and yesterday in Liverpool, stickers were plastered on a tourist informatio­n board and a cast-iron sculpture by Antony Gormley at Crosby Beach.

A pressure group called Liverpool Resisters has taken responsibi­lity for the stickers. In a statement the group said: “Women don’t have penises. This is not hate speech, it is not transphobi­a, it is a simple statement of biological fact.”

Merseyside police have said they are making inquiries into the matter, after online campaigner­s reported that the stickers constitute­d hate speech.

Joe Anderson, Liverpool’s mayor, said the stickers would be removed and

‘There is a strong push to demonise trans women in the UK and I really worry where it’s going’

council authoritie­s would work with police to identify those responsibl­e.

On Twitter a trans-rights activist claimed the stickers were “an attempt to scare and intimidate the trans community”.

Mr Anderson responded: “I am not aware of the group. We will remove stickers and work with the police to identify those responsibl­e.

“Remember, though, Liverpool takes #PRIDE in its diversity and history of fighting for equality for all. We love all our trans residents and all our LGBT community.”

The group was formed two months ago and has just 15 members. A representa­tive, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Daily Telegraph: “We expected there to be a backlash but we didn’t expect it to escalate so quickly.”

Sarah Brown, a trans woman on the Trans Advisory Group working with LGBT charity Stonewall told Pinknews: “These stickers are puerile and disgusting. There is a strong push to demonise trans women in the UK and I really worry where it’s going.”

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