An­other thing – let’s have your fish, says the EU

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SIR – Ed­ward Heath gave away British fish­ing rights as his last play to get in to the Com­mon Mar­ket.

I can’t be­lieve that Theresa May (re­port, Novem­ber 9) is go­ing to give them away again in or­der that we might exit the Eu­ro­pean Union.

Rom­sey, Hamp­shire

SIR – Since Ed­ward Heath’s covert fish­ing deal with the Span­ish, il­licit fish­ing of sand eels (Danes), scal­lops (French) and gen­eral flout­ing of net mesh sizes and ter­ri­tory vi­o­la­tions have dam­aged fish stocks and in­ter­na­tional mar­itime re­la­tions.

Now is an ideal time to place the in­dus­try on level fish­ing ground, with de­fined ter­ri­to­rial wa­ter bound­aries.

Wind­sor, Ber­skhire

SIR – Non, non, non. No deal. No money. No fish.

Go­dalm­ing, Sur­rey

SIR – Mrs May should im­me­di­ately an­nounce a res­cue pack­age for the Ap­ple­dore ship­yard to build a fleet of fish­ery-pro­tec­tion ves­sels.

No more petty scal­lop in­ci­dents – it’s time for the gloves to come off.

Wells, Som­er­set

SIR – Your front-page re­port yes­ter­day, “EU de­mands right to fish af­ter Brexit”, caused my hack­les to rise. But then I thought more about it and re­alised that the politi­cians and civil ser­vants ne­go­ti­at­ing on our be­half have been so in­de­ci­sive and have back­tracked so much that the EU feels that it has the op­por­tu­nity to make de­mands.

Cardiff SIR – There is shortly to be a Cab­i­net meet­ing at which top civil ser­vants, through their mouth­piece Theresa May, will at­tempt to pres­sure pro­brexit min­is­ters to ac­cept a draft deal with the EU.

The deal will be dressed up as nec­es­sary and rea­son­able, and will be re­plete with seem­ingly strong re­as­sur­ances, but in re­al­ity it will be a craven sell-out and the spe­cious re­as­sur­ances will in due course evap­o­rate.

The key point for the pro-brexit min­is­ters con­tin­u­ously to bear in mind is that the civil ser­vants pro­vid­ing the cun­ningly crafted word­ings are not to be trusted.

Re­cently, we have had a pa­rade of for­mer and cur­rent top man­darins com­plain­ing about at­tacks on the im­par­tial­ity and in­tegrity of top civil ser­vants. Th­ese com­plaints con­ve­niently ig­nore the fact that the at­tacks have not been based on mere para­noia but on ac­tual events, such as the se­cret prepa­ra­tion of the Che­quers pro­posal be­hind David Davis’s back.

Min­is­ters must re­main con­stantly on their guard against man­darins, with what­ever mo­ti­va­tion, be­ing “eco­nom­i­cal with the truth”.

Lon­don NW11

SIR – Am I alone in won­der­ing how some­thing quite so footling as the Ir­ish bor­der can stop us leav­ing the Eu­ro­pean Union?

Michael A St Clair-ge­orge

Rye, East Sus­sex

SIR – Do the EU pow­ers ever ask them­selves why so-called pop­ulists are gain­ing sup­port in Eu­ro­pean coun­tries?

Chich­ester, West Sus­sex

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