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The only eight beauty products you need over 40

This week, the only eight products you actually need in your forties and fifties


Annabel Jones: This is our first conversati­on since lockdown – what haven’t we missed? I have felt a lot freer not having gel manicures every three weeks. But I’ve been really taking my time over my skincare and have introduced a couple of targeted products into my routine that have made all the difference: REN’S Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic £27 (renskincar­ lightly exfoliates and hydrates and has made my skin smoother. And I’ve worked up to using a 0.3% retinol every night now, which has evened out any irregulari­ties in colour.

Lisa Armstrong: I’ve gone on a five-and-a-halfmile walk every evening throughout lockdown and it’s become a nonnegotia­ble part of my routine. Not even heavy rain deters me. Becoming aware of the seasons has been as good as meditation. I missed the treat of regular facials, but honestly, the walks have been incredible for my skin, my back and my stress levels. Normally my body would be a knotted mess, but it’s relatively OK. I also apply a lot of facial oil – everything from Vintner’s Daughter, which beauty editors rave about (and yes, it’s lovely, but £175), to Q&A Skin’s £8 Super Food Facial Oil. You just need lubricatio­n for facial massages, which I’ve done religiousl­y during the past few months. No question, massage really firms and depuffs your face.

AJ: It’s one of those things that sounds like a palaver, but once you do it consistent­ly, you realise what a difference it makes – and it brings about such a glow. I’ve been using Davisage’s facial tool, £220 (harveynich­ols. com), which has 28 exercises you can follow. I concentrat­e between my brows and around my eyes, jaw, nose and cheeks to drain the lymph. But sometimes I just use a rose quartz Gua Sha – or a Chinese soup spoon, which Tina Craig from U Beauty demonstrat­ed for me. Since the Government won’t yet allow facials, maybe this is the next best thing – perhaps even better as you can do it yourself, twice a day if have time. Cost per use, a facial massage tool is one of the best investment­s.

LA: The little tool that I discovered in lockdown is the Flawless Finishing Touch Eyebrow Epilator, £19.97 ( – you swipe under your brow and over your eyebrows and it gets rid of the hair for a clean look that lifts your eyes. This, and a brilliant £11.95 foot file from Victoria Health, have got me through the grooming challenges of not being able to get to a beauty salon. That said, I can’t wait to have a Margaret Dabbs Medical Pedicure to get rid of hard skin and buff and shine the nails, especially after all that walking.

AJ: I agree, your feet look 10 years younger after having a profession­al soak, buff and polish – and when you’re in the shower and you look at your feet in the morning with a bright polish it makes you feel better.

LA: Make-up wise, which way did you go during lockdown?

AJ: All these Zoom meetings have made me realise that a few seconds filling in the tops of my eyebrows lifts my whole face. Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows, £18.50, has been my go-to as it has a tiny spool that sculpts and colours in

LA: Because of all the extra screen-time, I finally started wearing antiblue light products. I’m currently trialling City Skin Age Defence, which is also SPF50 – and rather than having a chalky effect, it leaves a bit of a gleam, £60 (

AJ: I’ve been wearing Kjaer Weis Nude, Naturally Lipstick in Thoughtful, £44; it’s toxin-free and has a luxurious, long-lasting texture – personally, I think it’s worth investing in a good one, especially when you’re older. That said, bareminera­ls BAREPRO Longwear Lipstick, £20, can’t be beaten on value for money. The shade Geranium is a perky hue for summer.

LA: Annabel, I never thought I’d hear you rave about organic make-up. Do you still wear foundation? I’ve switched to a sheer skin tint – but a lot of the time I just dab some of The Organic Pharmacy’s Luminous Perfecting Concealer, £19 (organicpha­rmacy. com), around my nose and under my eyes. It’s moisturisi­ng, provides good coverage and a whoosh of radiance.

AJ: Ditching foundation is one of the most “antiageing” things I’ve done so far. I’ve been trying Trinny London’s BBF Serum concealer, £26 (trinnylond­, with nothing more than Chanel’s Les Beige Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream, £42 (, which I buff in with a brush – it makes your skin look like you’ve spent the afternoon in the park on a sunny day.

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 ??  ?? Gua Sha, £38, Hayo’u (facegym. com) Q&A Super Food Facial Oil, £8 (feelunique. com)
Gua Sha, £38, Hayo’u (facegym. com) Q&A Super Food Facial Oil, £8 (feelunique. com)
 ??  ?? DVS Visager tool, £220 (harveynich­ols. com) Legendary Brows, £18.50 (charlotte
DVS Visager tool, £220 (harveynich­ols. com) Legendary Brows, £18.50 (charlotte
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 ??  ?? Luminous Concealer, £19 (theorganic pharmacy. com)
Luminous Concealer, £19 (theorganic pharmacy. com)
 ??  ?? Foot file, £11.95 (victoriahe­alth. com)
Chanel Bronzing Cream, £42 (johnlewis. com)
Foot file, £11.95 (victoriahe­alth. com) Chanel Bronzing Cream, £42 (johnlewis. com)
 ??  ?? Kjaer Weis lipstick, £44 (naturismo. com)
Kjaer Weis lipstick, £44 (naturismo. com)

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