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Footballer died after he was punched in ‘honey trap’

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‘[Accused] flew immediatel­y into a rage. [Group was like] a pack hunting down exacting retributio­n’

A FOOTBALLER was punched to the ground and later died after agreeing one of his attackers was “fat and ginger”, in what was described as a “deliberate honey trap”, a court heard.

Jordan Sinnott, who played for Matlock Town FC, died in hospital after suffering a fractured skull and brain damage in an assault in the centre of Retford, Notts, at about 2am on Jan 25.

Nottingham Crown Court heard how Kai Denovan, one of the 25-year-old’s alleged attackers, “flew immediatel­y into a rage” after the footballer joined in with what he believed to be the defendant’s “self-deprecatin­g humour”.

Jurors heard Mr Denovan, 22, “followed rapidly behind” Mr Sinnott and his two friends, Ben Bossons and Adam

Towlson, into The Vine pub before telling him he was a “good-looking lad” and would have no trouble “pulling girls” – unlike him, who was “fat and ginger”.

“Yes I can see that,” Mr Sinnott replied, which the prosecutio­n argued provoked the attack.

Cameron Matthews, Mr Denovan’s co-defendant, pleaded guilty to manslaught­er at an earlier hearing, admitting he was the one who delivered the fatal punch.

Sean Nicholson, 22, admitted affray in connection with the same incident.

Michael Auty QC, prosecutin­g, told the court Mr Sinnott was willing to apologise for any offence caused – but described Mr Denovan, Matthews and Nicholson as a “pack hunting down and exacting retributio­n”.

He described Mr Denovan’s comment as a “deliberate honey trap”.

Mr Denovan denies manslaught­er, affray and common assault.

The trial continues.

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