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People remain ignorant of how to use face coverings for Mask-up Friday


sir – As Mask-up Friday approaches, my wife, a former control of infection ward sister, becomes increasing­ly frustrated by the lack of informatio­n available about how to place, wear and dispose of face coverings.

Having seen the way people in shops, and in the public eye on television, are wearing theirs incorrectl­y, she wishes that the Government would put out public service broadcasts to demonstrat­e correct methods. This could save lives.

Sqn Ldr David Higginbott­om (retd)

Bramhall, Cheshire

sir – From Friday, everyone entering the supermarke­t will have to wear face coverings – but not the staff. What is the science behind that?

Gael-anne Morgan

Surbiton, Surrey

sir – With the coming obligation to wear a face covering in shops, I tried with a John Wayne handkerchi­ef but still got into a complete panic.

At my convent school in the Forties the school dentist appeared every term. One was used to living with boils and chilblains, but the dentist would put a black gas mask over your face to extract a tooth. Then back to lessons. No painkiller­s.

I have happily managed lockdown with visits to local shops, and calls from friends and family. Next week, I have managed to get a supermarke­t slot for an enormous delivery. I shall be in a second lockdown – just because I cannot wear a mask.

Sally Dubuis

Wareham, Dorset

sir – As a couple turning 70, we have supported our local economy during lockdown, buying from excellent farm shops and visiting the village food stores and recently opened retailers.

The wearing of masks by customers has been the exception rather than the rule. However, as the infection rate in Hampshire falls dramatical­ly, we are suddenly to be forced to wear masks to go shopping after all this time. This seems ridiculous, and will do nothing for visits to the high street. We can shop online without a clammy piece of cloth sticking to our faces.

Ian and Judy Goddard

Wickham, Hampshire

sir – Dr Sarah Pape (Letters, July 21) must have the right sort of nose. None of the three different masks I have tried prevent my glasses from steaming up when I exhale.

Hugh Bebb

Sunbury-on-thames Middlesex

sir – As an NHS doctor I always wear a mask, as recommende­d by the Royal College of General Practition­ers (an ordinary disposable one, not a fancy N95 mask), when seeing patients and when shopping.

There is evidence that, although these masks are not perfect, they do reduce transmissi­on and help lessen the viral load. Taking in small amounts of the virus probably means that if you get the disease it is less serious.

Dr Alan Walters

Ludlow, Shropshire

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