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Help for those who find masks truly intolerabl­e


sir – Sally Dubuis (Letters, July 22), who finds that wearing a face mask puts her in a state of “complete panic”, should go to the government website.

There is an exemption for anyone who suffers severe distress if made to put on a mask. You can obtain an exemption card online.

Elvina Parker

Overton, Hampshire

sir – Andrea Pepper’s article (Comment, July 22) shines a light upon how the difficulti­es of deafness are exacerbate­d by the wearing of masks.

There is little doubt that these impediment­a reduce the less visible spray produced by speech and such, but transparen­t masks are of little use since, like spectacles, these fog up and highlight the moisture released while speaking.

I will use my Bluetooth hearing aids and a reporter-like microphone to help me communicat­e where face coverings are compulsory, but they won’t save me from silent e-scooters, or the Lycra-clad cyclist hurtling without warning along pavements and country paths.

Bill Todd

Twickenham, Middlesex

sir – To prevent lenses from fogging up, the opticians Specsavers recommends resting glasses on top of a mask to help seal any gap, or using a piece of surgical tape to secure the mask to the bridge of the nose.

Stephen Peterson

Pulborough, West Sussex

sir – Polishing spectacle lenses with soap solution to avoid fogging has worked for surgeons for years.

Eileen Davis

St Andrew’s, Guernsey

sir – On Monday, while I was waiting to use the hand gel in the foyer of my local supermarke­t, I noticed that many shoppers were so preoccupie­d with their face coverings that they sailed past the sanitising station.

The Government should be sending out a clear, concise message reminding the public of the importance of hand hygiene. Face masks lull most people into a false sense of security.

Patricia Abbott

Wattisfiel­d, Suffolk

sir – Surely, contrary to Anne Ansell’s suggestion (Letters, July 21), it is not up to shops to provide bins for discarded face coverings.

Councils already provide waste bins, which are ignored by many people.

It is up to individual­s to take home unwanted items that they have taken out with them.

Rosemary Reed

Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshi­re

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