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Tories turning on leadership over exams


than a teacher’s predicted grade. For this reason, if the teachers’ predicted grade was lower than the mock exam grade then the former should be used, the regulator said.

The guidance was swiftly removed with a brief note explaining that the policy is “being reviewed by the Ofqual board”. However, a number of senior Conservati­ve figures last night turned on the Government, demanding action to prevent further injustices.

Simon Hoare MP said the results fiasco was “beyond a joke”, and Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Associatio­n of School and College Leaders, urged ministers to use predicted grades “rather than prolong this nightmare”.

A Department for Education spokesman said the calculated grades will allow students to “progress to the next stage of their education or into work”. They said: “We have been clear that we want to build as much fairness into the appeals process as possible to help young people in the most difficult cases and have been working with Ofqual to achieve that. [It] continues to consider how to best deliver the appeals process.”

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